Here you will find the Anycubic Chiron profiles and settings for Cura software. These settings are tested for ABS, TPU and PLA. These settings have manufacturer recommended settings for speed, bed heat, nozzle heat etc. Follow the below procedure, and add the printer and the profiles. See how it prints, please share your feedback here.

  1. Open Cura software
  2. Go to Menu > Preferences > Configure Cura

  3. Make sure your printer is added as shown belwo. If not, add your printer from printers tab, find anycubic and Anycubi Chiron printer.



4. Then go to “Profiles” section as shown on the below photo, > import profiles:


5. Select profiles and add them

6. Select the right profiles from Profiles list. Slice your model and upload the file to SD card and start printing:


7. Here is the free download link:

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