ANYCUBIC 4 Max Pro 2.0 FDM 3D Printer Cura Profiles

Most users complain about print failures on Anycubic 4 Max Pro 2.0. Not sticking to bed, and many other problems, specially with ABS, although the bed is fully levelled. That is because of the lack of standard manufacturer standard profiles for this printer. Print failure has many reasons, by using the anycubic manufacturer standard profiles these issues will be resolved. Here, The ANYCUBIC standard profiles are attached with this page for CURA software for ANYCUBIC 4 Max Pro 2.0 FDM 3D Printer.

These profiles are tested with PLA, ABS and TPU, they worked fine without failing.

Download the zip files from this page. Extract the zip file. > Open Cura software > from PERFORMANCE MENU>

Select PREFERENCES> when the dialogue opened, got to the profiles section. >

Click on import and import all 3 profiles. > close the dialogue box. 

Close the box, find the profiles on print settings:

Please share your thoughts regarding these profiles
Here is the free download link:

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