Electrical Conductors and insulators

Electrical Conductors and insulators

Electricity occurs when electrons accumulate in or flow through the atoms that make up an object. And different types of materials, which are composed of different combinations of atoms, may allow those little electrons to move about more or less freely from atom to atom.  Conductivity: The term conductivity describes how easily electrons are able to move around within certain materials, and it's determined by the structure of atoms in the material and how they're connected to each other. 

Electrical charge, electron, proton and neutron

All objects are made of tiny little building blocks called atoms which are way too small to see and each of those atoms consists of three types of even tinier little particles called protons, neutrons and electrons. Protons and electrons are particles which have equal and opposite electrical charges. We say that protons are positively charged and that electrons are negatively charged. The neutrons don't have any electrical charge so we call them neutral. The amount of charge in an object can be measured using a unit called coulombs which is abbreviated with a capital letter C.

Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE 46mm SM-R800 PINOUTS

Here is the pin-out diagram drawing of Samsung Galaxy Watch Model SM-R800. Although all Samsung Products are coming with a USB cable connectivity with computers, so you can flash your device with firmware and reset it to factory setting. But unfortunately Samsung Watches doesn't not come with such ability. In most of these watches user need to connect the watch by a wireless connection. And it does need a computer with wireless connectivity. Well sometimes your wireless connection might break or your watch get bricked and you will have no way to connect your watch by a wireless connection.